Long-Term Services & Supports

We all have a role to play in advancing a high-performing, equitable LTSS system and the Scorecard provides the data insights and promising practices to drive strategic action. 

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How Does Your State Perform?

Find out how your state’s long-term services and supports performs.

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States by Performance Tiers

State performance across overall LTSS and within the five dimensions is ranked and organized into tiers, from better to worse performing, 1-5 from top to bottom.

Highest Ranking States

See how the top-performing states across the U.S. are meeting the needs of all residents.

  1. Minnesota
  2. Washington
  3. District of Columbia
  4. Massachusetts
  5. Colorado

Most Improved States

These states significantly improved on more indicators than any other between the 2020 and 2023 Scorecards.

Improved 10 indicators by 10% or more

Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, and New York
Improved 9 indicators by 10% or more

Kentucky and Missouri
Improved 8 indicators by 10% or more

About LTSS Choices

AARP Public Policy Institute has launched LTSS Choices—a multifaceted project with an overarching mission to catalyze the transformation and modernization of the nation’s long-term care system into one that meets the dynamic needs and preferences of consumers and their families.

This series of reports, blogs, videos, podcasts, and virtual convenings seeks to spark ideas for immediate, intermediate, and long-term options for reforming LTSS.  It will showcase current models that could be ramped up now as well as potential innovative models that may take time to fully create. It will emphasize evidence-based solutions and identify regulatory and funding barriers that limit the widespread use of promising practices.

About LTSS Choices


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