Flexible Sick Days

Like the Paid Sick Days indicator, this Scorecards indicator focuses exclusively on statewide laws allowing employees to use a portion of accrued sick time for purposes beyond their own illness. Workplace benefits that allow employees to use sick time for family caregiving responsibilities help employees balance work and family responsibilities. Eighteen states have laws in place allowing flexible use of sick time. Colorado is the sole state enacting new legislation allowing flexible use of sick time since 2020. 

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This indicator gives credit to states with statewide policies mandating that employees have flexibility in using sick days for themselves or another person.

Scoring: States received 1.0 point for statewide laws mandating flexible sick days

Current year 2022 data from A Better Balance: Overview of Paid Sick Time Laws in the United States and AARP Public Policy independent research to verify status of laws in 2023. Reference year 2018 data from Raising Expectations: A State-by-State Analysis of Laws That Help Working Family Caregivers and AARP Public Policy Institute internal communications with State Advocacy & Strategy Integration and independent research to verify status of laws in 2019.

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