Paid Family Leave

Since 2020, three additional states (Colorado, Delaware, and Maryland,) enacted paid family leave legislation, bringing the total number to 12 states. Of the three new states, paid family leave benefits will become available in 2024 in Colorado, in 2025 in Maryland, and in 2026 in Delaware. Five states (the District of Columbia, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island and Washington). expanded paid leave benefits in 2022 to permit longer lengths of leave, expand the definition of covered family relationships for caregiving leave, or increase the benefit payment. 

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This indicator credits states that have enacted paid family leave on a statewide basis.

Scoring: States received 1.0 point for statewide laws mandating paid family leave.

Current year 2022 data from National Partnership for Women & Families: State Paid Family & Medical Leave Insurance Laws, October 2022 and A Better Balance: Comparative Chart of Paid Family and Medical Leave Laws in the Untied States  Reference year 2019 data from Raising Expectations: A State-by-State Analysis of Laws That Help Working Family Caregivers and AARP Public Policy Institute internal communications with State Advocacy & Strategy Integration and independent research to verify status of laws in 2019.

A Better Balance 

National Partnership for Women & Families  


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