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The Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) is a capitated model for providing acute care and LTSS to people age 55 and older who are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid and live in community settings. States can choose to offer PACE to Medicaid beneficiaries on an optional basis. PACE then becomes the sole provider of Medicare and Medicaid to those participants. In addition, individuals who are not enrolled in Medicaid can pay privately for PACE. A wide body of research over 30 years showing the effectiveness of PACE programs at providing high quality care cost-effectively.

This Scorecard measures PACE enrollment in each state, indexed to the 55+ population, to provide insights on the extent to which consumers can access the service line, similar to existing indicators focused on assisted living and adult day services supply. 

As of April 2023, PACE is present in 32 states. Nationally, there are about 6.5 adults 55+ enrolled in PACE per 10,000. Colorado and Massachusetts have the highest number of PACE enrollees per 10,000 adults 55+ at 27.5 and 24.3, respectively. Over a three-year period, five states increased their PACE enrollment figures by more than 25 percent (Arkansas, California, Kansas, Michigan, Washington). Notably, several states introduced PACE during the COVID-19 pandemic and are set to expand further in the coming years. PACE organizations performed well during the pandemic, seeing national enrollment grow by 20 percent from April 2020 to April 2023. There are more than 64,000 PACE enrollees nationally.

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The number of people enrolled in a PACE program to the state’s population of people ages 55+ per 10,000 residents ages 55+.

National PACE Association

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